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The Lighthouse of the 21st Century
Pharos is a science and applications company dedicated to becoming the lighthouse for the 21st century, providing destination and location assistance through GPS and wireless internet innovations for travel all over the world. 

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Pharos PTL600 GPS Phone 600

Pharos PZX27 AC Home Charger for PDR140

Pharos PTL535E Pharos Traveler GPS 535e

Pharos PTL535P Pharos Traveler GPS 535+

Pharos PDR150 Drive GPS 150

Pharos PDR250 Pharos Drive GPS 250

Pharos PTL600E GPS Phone 600E Enterprise Version

Pharos PTP10 Trips & Pics with GPS Receiver for Google Earth and Microsoft Streets and Trips

Pharos PDR260V Pharos Drive GPS 260V with Rear View Camera

Pharos PTL535V Traveler GPS 535v

Pharos PTL535X Traveler 535x GPS PDA

Pharos NAV05 Ostia Software for Canada

Pharos PDR200 Drive GPS 200

Pharos PTL117 Traveler 117 GPS Smartphone

Pharos PTL127 Traveler 127 GPS Smartphone

Pharos PZX50 Car kit for Pharos Traveler 535 GPS Series PDAs

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